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Since her early days as a charismatic child, Rivka has been passionate about organizing.  Utilizing her unique ability to convert the complicated into the manageable, Rivka has helped thousands of clients reclaim their homes and offices.   A committed mother, wife, and entrepreneur, Rivka is no stranger to the importance of keeping things organized and its direct correlation to a successful life, both personally and professionally. 

Organization is not a skill most are born with.  Rather, it is a life skill that is developed and honed over time.  As a professional organizer, Rivka has truly become a practitioner of her craft.  So much so, that a core principal in working with Rivka is to not only physically organize her client’s spaces, but also to teach and inspire clients to become organizational practitioners as well.

Over the years, Rivka has developed a level of mastery in organization that is simply unparalleled.  Starting with the right mindset, Rivka’s approach keeps you focused and in charge as you zero in on one task at a time, systematically conquering your organizational projects.    

Get organized today with Rivka’s practical tips, customized guidelines, direct encouragement, and of course great sense of humor.  You too can enjoy the feeling of genuine organizational accomplishment, like so many of Rivka’s clients.

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