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An important part of organizing is paying attention to color. We appreciate a colorful home and it always helps bring things to life. When it comes to your closet I'm going to teach you the rule of thumb so you can start your color coordinating journey right away! Depending on the client and your own personal preferences separating your clothes is completely up to you! Our goal is to break things up into categories. For example we will start with all tank tops together into t-shirts into long sleeve shirts. In each separate category we go through our color wheel.


1. Whites

2. Grays

3. Blacks

4. Red 5. Orange 6. Yellow 7. Green 8. Blue 9. Purple 10. Pink 11. Patterns/ Graphics

Now it’s important to remember that there are no set and stone rules here. Depending on the job and the inventory that we’re working with sometimes we’ll put navy blues after blacks or nudes and creams after whites. Every closet is different which means everyone’s final result is going to look different.

Like I mentioned above some people prefer to just categorize per color which we did for a client up above. This method is recommended for people with a larger inventory. Being able to find items based on color saves a lot of time and is effortless. Plus talk about an efficient system. This will be extremely helpful to maintain your closet the way you want it. Lastly, like I always say, don't forget to have fun with it. If you really want to take things to the next level try matching hangers. My ultimate favorite ones are the black velvet hangers. I’ll link them below, enjoy!

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