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With Spring right around the corner, what better way to get ready for the season than to start off early! I love the idea of spring cleaning. It's the time of the year where I can really slow down and get a deep clean in. Now this isn't like any other weekly Sunday reset around the house. This is where we really get into those small nooks and corners. I know what you’re thinking, when am I going to find the time to get all of this done? Luckily I’ve broken it down for you for these next four weeks. With the right system in place we can tackle one small area at a time . This isn't supposed to be overwhelming.. This is a fun experience that will have you feeling accomplished once you’re finished!

Week 1: The Kitchen

Now when it comes to the kitchen our usual cleaning methods consist of countertops and the floors. This week I want us to go a step further.

● Clean freezer

● Clean fridge

● Clean the inside of your oven

● Clean the inside of your microwave

While cleaning out your fridge and freezer use this as an opportunity to go through all of your foods. Whatever expiration date is past due, toss it!

Week 2: Dusting

Now I think we can all agree that dust collects and it collects quickly! This week is an important one.

● Dust edges + corners at ceiling level

● Dust edges + corners at floor level

● Dust light fixtures

● Dust ceiling fans

● Dust blinds

● Dust or vacuum vents

● Dust all surfaces in your home

Week 3: Bathroom

Get the heavy duty stuff out for this week's checklist. We want to sanitize everything from top to bottom.

● Clean toilet -tank to floor

● Clean sink

● Clean bathtubs/ showers

● Sanitize knobs and handles

● Scrub bathroom floor

Week 4: Laundry

It’s the last and final week of spring cleaning. You made it, pat yourself on the back! Now I know we do laundry weekly but I want you to take your time this week to wash the things you might forget to do weekly.

● Wash bath mats

● Wash shower curtains

● Take curtains/drapes to get dry cleaned

● Wash couch cushions (if washable)

● Wash bedding- switch out if necessary

● Wash duvets, communal blankets and pillows

Feel free to print this out and cross things out when you’ve finished the task. I know I'm personally somebody who loves checking something off my to do list. Don’t forget to play your favorite music and maybe even dance around while cleaning this month. Happy Spring cleaning!

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