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When it comes to organizing, decanting has become a part of every organizer’s routine. For those who aren't familiar, decanting is the term used when taking things out of their original packaging and placing them into clear (for the majority of the time) containers. This method has widely spread throughout the past year because let’s be honest it is beyond pleasing. What you might not know though is that decanting has benefits way beyond it’s looks.

1. Frees up space: Decanting allows you to get rid of large bulky boxes which ends up freeing up a lot of physical space.

2. Creates Uniformity: These days you can find a container for just about any size or style. By having the same container in your pantry it allows you to create that clean look that everyone is striving for these days.

3. Prolongs Shelf Life: By using airtight containers, food can stay fresher for longer. Don’t forget to grab a marker and write down the expiration date on the bottom of your container before throwing away the original packaging. Most importantly make sure to keep up with cleaning and drying your containers before switching out foods. This is an essential part in prolonging the shelf life.

4. Restocking Made Easy: We’re all about making life easier. Let’s be real, grocery shopping can be a little hectic sometimes. By decanting your items into clear containers you never have to question again how much you have left of something.

If you’re someone who is constantly trying new things and has different inventory on a weekly basis, decanting might not suit your lifestyle. While we’re obviously obsessed with the process, it might not be for everyone and that’s okay! If you do have the access and ability to start decanting we hope that after reading this we’ve convinced you to start your organizing journey right away!


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